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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

11 Reasons Why Empowerment Trumps Bullying

We have all read the articles, watched the news and viewed the videos on bullying. We all know bullying is a crisis in the United States. But -- what are we, as individuals, doing to stop bullying? One way we can stop bullying is through empowerment. Empowering our children, our families, our schools and our neighbors to stop bullying NOW.

Here are 11 reasons why empowerment trumps bullying:

Empowered teenagers feel valued and know that they are an important part of the world.

Empowered teenagers are strong and step-in to help a friend being bullied.

Empowered parents support their children and have open discussions about bullying.

Empowered parents are not bullies themselves.

Empowered parents have conversations with their children about why bullying is wrong and hurtful.

Empowered teachers get in touch with parents and administrators when they see bullying occurring.

Empowered teachers intervene and help students who are being bullied.

Empowered principals meet with parents and teachers to discuss and promote empowerment.

Empowered principals get involved and protect students who are being bullied.

Empowered schools make bullying a zero tolerance policy.

Empowered people step in to help when they see bullying happening on their street or in their neighborhoods.

Excellent websites that discuss bullying and empowerment:

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