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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

15 Free Fun Family Activities for Summer

Memorial Day Weekend is the official start of summer. Don’t know what to do with the kids?

Below are 15 free, fun and enjoyable activities you can do with your kids this summer.
1. Go on a hike.
Project:  Collect leaves, twigs and rocks and create a collage or shadow box when you get home.
Skills Reinforced:  Art, Science, Environment
2. Have a picnic.
Project:  A park is a perfect place for a picnic and a great way to get some exercise.
Skills Reinforced:  Fitness, Environment
3. Become a volunteer.
Project:  Become a volunteer with your child. Volunteering teaches children the importance of giving back.
Skills Reinforced: Character Education
4. Learn to cook.
Project:  Spend the afternoon baking chocolate chip cookies.
Skills Reinforced:  Reading, Math, Measurement
5. Create a vision map.
Project:  Don’t know how? Go to The Power of a Vision Map
Skills Reinforced:  Art, Creativity, Goal Setting
6. Teach the art of letter writing.
Project:  Write a letter or send a thank you note to a friend or relative.
Skills Reinforced:  Writing, Penmanship, Etiquette
7. Go on a long bike ride.
Project:  Explore the neighborhood while riding and note the similarities and differences of the landscape and houses.
Skills Reinforced:  Fitness, Critical Thinking
8. Start a garden.
Project:  Start a garden from seeds. Don’t have a yard? Start a container garden. Plus, it’s fun to get your hands dirty.
Skills Reinforced:  Math, Measurement, Organization, Reading
9. Build a fort.
Project:  Build a fort in your backyard or family room. Design and draw out the fort before you start.
Skills Reinforced:  Math, Art, Organization
10. Visit your local library.
Project:  Chose books on a topic your children are interested in, such as space or inventions.  Let your children become “reporters” on their topic.
Skills Reinforced:  Science, Social Studies, Reading, Public Speaking
11. Read the newspaper.
Project:  Read the newspaper with your child, explaining the different sections and articles. Underline key areas of interest.
Skills Reinforced:  Reading, Critical Thinking, Outlining
12. Visit a museum.
Project: Choose a museum that is designed for children. There are many museums with discounted rates for children.
Skills Reinforced:  Etiquette, Science, Social Studies
13. Start a business.
Project:  Start a lemonade stand or recycling business with your children.
Skills Reinforced:  Financial Literacy, Critical Thinking
14. Make an instrument.
Project:  Make a drum out of an empty ice cream container and create a band.
Skills Reinforced:  Music, Art, Teambuilding
15. Play cards.
Project:  Start a game of chess, monopoly, gin rummy or any other game your family enjoys. Keep the game running through the summer and keep an ongoing tally of the score.
Skills Reinforced:  Math, Critical Thinking

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