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Thursday, May 31, 2012

12 Summer Reading and Writing Activities

With the school year over, it’s time to focus on strengthening the academic gains that your child achieved during the year. Summer is the perfect time for reinforcing and expanding those academic gains. Spending time reading and writing during the summer builds good vocabulary, encourages creative writing and develops comprehension skills. 

Be sure that you and your child spend at least 30 minutes each day reading.

Here are 12 excellent reading and writing activities that you can do during the summer:

1.  Visit the library – Make visiting the library a weekly event. Allow your children to get their own library card.

2.  Read a poem – Choose a poem and read it with your child, discussing how the poem rhymes.

3.  Create a puppet show – Read a story and create paper bag puppets of the story characters. 

4.  Draw your family tree – Write a sentence or draw a picture under each name in the family tree.

5.  Read together – Curl up together with each of you reading different books. Let your child watch you enjoying reading.

6.  Be a reporter – After reading a story, have your child ‘report’ about the main idea and the characters.

7.  Change the ending – Write a new ending for a book or short story.

8.  Explore the newspaper – Cut words out of the newspaper and create new sentences with the words.

9.  Play scrabble

10. Read a recipe – Read a recipe together and bake your favorite dessert.

11. Write a thank you note

12. Make a summer goals list – Have your child write a list of the goals they would like to accomplish this summer.

If you would like more summer reading activities, go to:

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