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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Activities for Teenagers

We are now in the middle of summer vacation. What has your teenager been doing?
  • Sleeping until noon?
  •  On Facebook, the computer or video games all day?
  • Hanging with friends?
  • On the phone or text messaging?
  •  Watching movies?

Summer is an opportune time for your teenager to learn or reinforce some great habits…

1. The value of goal setting and follow through – Have your teenager chose a goal or project to complete each day, a focus for each week and a theme for the summer. Help them to write realistic goals and then follow through to be sure your teenager completes the goal.

2. The meaning of service – Summer is the perfect time to volunteer. If you are not sure where to look, here are some places that are always looking for volunteers:
  • A hospital
  • A retirement home
  • A homeless shelter
  • Summer activities and programs sponsored by your city
  • Your church
  • The HumaneSociety

3. The reason everyone needs a mentor – Everyone needs a mentor or role model. This is especially true for teenagers. Help your teenager find a mentor and help your teen become a mentor to someone younger or less fortunate.

4. The importance of showing up on time – If your teenager is 16 or older, summer is the time to get a part-time job. Having a job gives your teen the opportunity to learn about budgeting, showing up on time, being part of a team and responsibility.

5. The worth of becoming a life-long learner – Is your teen active in a sport, play a musical instrument, dance, sing, write or is he excited about a hobby? Summer is a great time to improve those skills and take a class, workshop or seminar.

6. The significance of being a responsible – Learning to care for something or someone is an outstanding way for teens to learn responsibility; anything from keeping their room clean, to feeding the family pet, to helping with younger siblings.

7. The power of financial literacy – To learn the power of financial literacy, be sure your teen knows the importance of budgeting and managing money.

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