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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Etiquette Tips - Body Language

Communication and Body Language

You can tell a lot about a person by watching his or her body language. (Just watch your teenager or his friends.) A person can send you a signal without even talking to you. Body Language is nothing more than nonverbal communication or nonverbal signaling.

Most teens are unaware of the effect of their body language on the people they are talking with, discussing proper body language an excellent topic to discuss with your teen.

Below are several suggestions for the discussion:

Bodily movements, gestures, eye contact and facial expressions are things to watch for in trying to read body language. A smile can easily be read. A smile can tell you a person is friendly, but too many smiles tend to appear that a person may be hiding something.

Looking away while you are talking, playing with an ear and scratching a chin are all clues that the person is not paying attention, or has a different agenda.

Crossing the arms is one of the most powerful body language signals you can get – or give. It indicates a defensive or hostile attitude.

Many businesses use experts in body language to translate what a person in an interview is really thinking. Lawyers in courtroom settings also often use body language experts.

Understanding body language can be a useful tool, whether you are a parent talking to your child, or a child interacting with other friends or adults. Appropriate body language helps make a first good impression.

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