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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Etiquette Tips – Etiquette Boo-Boos

Etiquette Boo-Boos

I am sure that most of you and your children have excellent manners -- then there are those who do not.

Here are the Top 3 Etiquette Boo-Boos that really bug me:

Men who wear hats in restaurants
The other evening my husband and I were dining out. At the table next to us was a family group having a birthday celebration. There was a grandmother, grandfather, mom, dad and two darling girls. One, obviously the birthday girl, was wearing a “birthday cake” hat. That’s okay and lots of fun. The dad was wearing a ball cap, and that is not okay.

People who talk loudly on their cell phones in public places
I love cell phones. That is how our children keep in touch with us. However, two weeks ago I was having lunch with a friend in a restaurant. Two booths away a woman was on her cell phone talking to either her banker or realtor or someone who needed a lot of private information from her. We could hear her giving her bank account number, social security number, a password for whatever and a credit card number. I could not believe I was getting all this private information. That was not only rude, but also clearly not smart! Had I been an identity thief I would have had all the information I needed to jump into action!

People who, when eating, chew with their mouths open
Need I say more?

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